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Our Attorneys


Our philosophy of experience and service requires each attorney to have an extensive engineering or scientific education, training and ability combined with intellectual property prosecution, licensing and litigation legal skills.  Too often patent attorneys have experience in only litigation or patent prosecution or licensing. 


We believe in providing attorneys who are experienced in the full spectrum of intellectual property protection.  They not only know how to put a patent together to seek the greatest protection before the U.S. Patent Office, but they also know how patents come apart under the pressure of high stakes litigation in the court room.  This experience provides our clients with the greatest value of service.



For more information about our attorneys, please visit the links below.


Daniel M. Cislo


Donald M. Cislo 


Kelly W. Cunningham


David B. Sandelands 


C. Wook Pak, Ph.D. 


Peter Veregge 


Kristin Kosinski


Mark D. Nielsen, Ph.D.