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Cislo & Thomas attorneys have experience in all aspects of intellectual property related to the Food Industry, including restaurant management, hospitality management, ownership and entrepreneurship issues.  We are equipped to address the complicated legal issues associated with licensing, enforcing, and obtaining intellectual property rights, and counsel clients to meet their business and intellectual property needs.  We approach every project with enthusiasm and a strong can-do attitude to meet the big picture goals of the client by expertly navigating and strategizing day to day intellectual property protection. 


About Cislo & Thomas LLP 

Our Southern California presence and attorneys’ strong technological, legal and practical backgrounds provide the tools to address the intellectual property needs of local entities, including emerging as well as established restaurant and hospitality companies.  From entities run by a few individuals to well-established businesses, we help clients address intellectual property issues inherent in their work.  For example, our lawyers know how to navigate all aspects of trademark, copyright and patent enforcement and litigation, especially in the local courts.  We know the judges, understand the law, and balance the law’s complexities with the nuances of culinary, restaurant, hospitality, management and entrepreneurship issues.  We also seek to achieve our client’s objectives outside the courtroom to protect and enforce valuable intellectual property assets through mediation, arbitration, negotiated settlement, and licensing.  Our goal: to provide excellent service and to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of the culinary, restaurant, hospitality, management and entrepreneurship community.

With offices in West Los Angeles, Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara, California, the firm’s patent attorneys serve the greater Southern California area, including Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties. We work in all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and domain name law. Our lawyers have the technical training and experience to handle any matter, and excel in searching, clearing, filing, licensing, maintaining and litigating of intellectual property matters. Our local offices provide a convenient venue to meet our attorneys and discuss how we can best protect your intellectual property.  Alternatively, if you live in a different area, we can also schedule a live web-consultation with you.

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